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It seems that BAFA wants to tighten up the ship, so to speak. Gridiron Hub has obtained a letter sent out to all Britball teams specifying new requirements that they must all adhere to, or be removed from the league. This letter states that in order for teams ‘included in provisional schedules’ then they would need to complete some administrative tasks.

An outtake from the letter reads: ‘We know how important promptly providing a schedule is for your planning – and how delays can impact on your ability to book or confirm venues and travel. With this in mind, we have taken the decision that teams whose clubs do not complete the actions outlined below by  Friday 13 November will not be considered fully renewed and will not be included in scheduling.’

So if a team does not complete the tasks, they will not be included in any potential 2021 Britball season. This comes 24 hours after BAFA opened registrations for the 2021 season.

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New Requirements

So what are these new requirements that all Britball clubs must adhere to by November 13th? Well some of them are less arduous and take very little time to do such as ‘Make sure contact details are entered at club and team level, including an appropriate management and Head Coach contact for each team and your uniform details.’

But then there are more requirements that teams must upload documents outlined under section 4.5 of the competition rules and regulations, these include:

  • Club constitution 
  • Summary of most recent annual accounts 
  • Copy of recent bank account statement in the club name (or for each team being registered if separate accounts are held) 
  • Codes of conduct (sample copy) 
  • Player agreement / contact (sample copy) 
  • Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk policy 
  • Safeguarding commitment statement 
  • Anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policy 

These are not the only requirements but the two most important there are the ‘most recent annual accounts’ and ‘recent bank account statement.’ There was a note underneath these requirements in relation to those two statements reading ‘Please note – annual accounts must be full accounts that detail a balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow and are in addition to bank statements. Managing money is an essential part of good club management. You can find out more information on best practices in the managing money section of  Club Matters.’

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments as there are multiple points of view!

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