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Gridiron Hub parts ways with Gridiron Memes

As mentioned in our New Years post, Gridiron Memes has been removed from Gridiron Hub.

The 2 entities will be entirely separate and run by separate people.

This decision was made back at the end of October and an agreement between ourselves (Gridiron Hub) and the people who now run Gridion Memes was put in place for no Memes content to be posted until the split was finalised.

Since that point a huge amount of work has taken place behind the scenes to set Memes up on its own. Memes now has its own website and all legacy Memes posts have been migrated over to it. We also sent out emails to anyone who had submitted a Meme on the Gridirion Hub website and asked if they wanted their profile replicated on the new website.

An NDA has been signed by both parties to ensure that the anonymity and identities of those involved with Gridiron Memes is protected. This allows Gridiron Memes to return back to its more scathing and controversial roots.

The disassociation is important for the Gridiron Hub brand as we look to continue to work with the NFL, BAFA and the XFL as well as any organisations associated to them and the provision of our media arm.

Additionally we are aware that there are a lot of people from within the sport who haven’t and wouldn’t be involved with Gridiron Hub the whole time that we were linked to Gridiron Memes.

The link was key in bringing Gridiron Hub into the spotlight as Gridiron Memes has the largest engaged audience in Britball. However, it has served its purpose and now Gridiron Hub is large enough to stand on its own two feet.

I’ve decided to include a little Q&A on the subject to cover what I think people may be curious about.

Why did you do this?

My focus is on building Gridiron Hub, we have a lot more to offer on the platform and over the next 2-3 years we want to build this into something big enough to employ myself and a few others full-time.

I am extremely proud of what we managed to achieve with Gridiron Memes. It started out as a Whatsapp chat between 2 people and ended up being a big entity within the UK game. However it’s not something that’s easy to monetise or generate revenue from so that’s why we came up with the idea of Gridiron Hub.

As it says above, the existence of Memes was tainting the experience of Hub for some people. I even spoke to some who didn’t know the difference between the 2.

Why did you let them keep the name ‘Gridiron’, are you not concerned that people will think it’s still part of Gridiron Hub?

We put some consideration into this, at one point we said that the name had to be changed. However we don’t own the word/phrase ‘Gridiron’. It isn’t exclusive to us and there are plenty of examples of it being used elsewhere – Gridiron Strong, Gridiron Gear, and the Gridiron brand for instance.

For now it won’t be changed, if the people who run it decide to change it in the future that’s up to them.

What about the logo? It’s still the same.

The logo, again, isn’t synonymous with Gridiron Hub. Although the style of the word ‘Gridiron’ on the logo is, so we have asked for it to be changed. I expect them to get that sorted within the next 6-8 weeks. Getting something professionally rebranded is expensive and a lot of money has already been spent on this split so I think 6-8 weeks is more than reasonable.

Why are you happy to just wave goodbye to what you’ve help build?

The growth opportunity with Gridiron Hub is worth it. It’s also really exciting as we are set to release more sections to Gridiron Hub over the next 18 months that will make a tangible difference to people involved in the sport. By comparison, Memes will just keep making new Memes. While I love(d) coming up with Memes content with the wider team and seeing how it performs, I get a much bigger kick from stuff like Picks, Scores, Standings, News, Raffles and Funding.

Plus, there’s nothing stopping me from still creating my own Memes and posting them on their new website under an alias. I just don’t have the extra website admin so I would get the best of both worlds.

Why is the new Memes website so similar to what was on Gridiron Hub?

This is something likely to change over time but this wasn’t about a re-vamping or re-invention of Memes. It was about getting it away from Gridiron Hub. As such the Web Developer was instructed to get it done as quickly and as easy as possible.

For now, the Memes guys have decided to stick with the same Web Developer. This is a smart move as they know all about what Memes need to do and already had compiled the toolsets that helped Memes to operate on the Hub platform.

It was the same for other areas that pertain to running an organisation, for now Memes simply copied Hub’s model and used all of Hub’s existing solutions to get going and I’d expect to see them adapt and change things once they have run things for a bit.

What immediate impact on Gridiron Hub are you expecting to see from this move ?

None. This is a strategic decision made based on shifting culture and mindset, we couldn’t reasonably expect these things to happen overnight.

What about those who will always link Hub to Memes in a negative way?

I’d encourage them to dig a bit deeper into what Hub is and what it has done in the past 18 months. I’d also welcome any questions or conversations about it. I can’t release too much info from our roadmap as it may give our competitiors an advantage but I’m very open about what we are trying to achieve.

If people still aren’t convinced or happy then c’est la vie. You can’t please everyone and there comes a point where your enegy is better spent elsewhere.

I will also say that Memes done plenty of good in the game at times. Chaotic good. Memes would call out nonsense in the game. Whether it’s forfeitures, badly run teams, people stealing money, players intentionally trying to injure others, or a number of other matters – Memes put a spotlight on these areas. Memes also held BAFA, Teams and related companies to account as well. I’m not saying that every post was a beacon of ethical wholesomeness, I just feel that Memes tends to get thought of as an entirely negative entity which is not accurate.

What does the future hold for Hub and Memes?

There’s no joint future or linkage, that’s for sure. Hub will seek to deepen its links with NGBs, Media Partners, Sponsors, Suppliers, and Teams. We are currently working on a facelift for the Hub website and new functionality for the app. Automation is the main focus on Hub. We figure out how to do something, then manually run it. If it’s a success then we spend money to automate it.

Right now our Web Developer is working on a way of automating the scorecard posts that we’ve been doing for Uniball. They take a lot of time to pull together each week but are massively popular so it’s worth it. Hopefully within a few weeks that entire process of making the scorecard with the final score and the 3 subsequent social media posts that include the league the game was from and updated club records will be entirely automated. Then we can look at getting live scores entered by people on our website or app. Once that all works we can open it out to the other areas of the sport, Womens, Flag, U17, U19, Seniors, NFL, XFL.

So yeah, the future of Gridiron Hub contains lots and lots of that and we will branch out into areas that help clubs operate. We want to take the IT burden and workloads off of people who run clubs.

As for Memes, they are excited about moving forward without the constraints that Hub placed on them. Mostly political relationships preventing certain topics being covered. That all goes away for them and from speaking to them over the past couple of months I can tell you that they are looking forward to letting fly again. Ultimately it’s up to them what they do so I can’t fully answer that question on their behalf.

If you would like to speak to Steve or ask any further questions, he can be reached on [email protected]

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