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Content by Tyler Arthur

Oh, you thought week 1 was good, huh? Well this week was even crazier. Another tie, some more surprising displays from underdog teams, and some huge fantasy performances, let’s see who did best. Tyler will be reviewing the QB’s and WR’s and Kelsey will look at the RB and TE performances from week 2.


QB1 – Ben Roethlisberger (38.98)


QB2 – Pat Mahomes (38.84)

Now this week was a good advertisement for my DraftKings tips articles. I predicted that the Pittsburgh vs Kansas City matchup would be a gem for fantasy, and I specifically said that Mahomes and Big Ben would both be absolute must-starts this week. I was pretty spot on, with a combined statlineof 778 yards, 10 Touchdowns, and a 2 Point Conversion. What a game. If you started either of these QB’s you was on to a winner. If you didn’t think that Mahomes was the real deal, you have tostart to believe now. The Chiefs signal-caller has now officially set a new record for the most TD’s ever thrown in the first 2 weeks of any season, with 10… and it’s his first season starting.


Honourable Mention – Ryan Fitzpatrick (29.98)

I don’t know what is going on, but I’m having a fun time watching it. Fitz is still magic, and his post-game press conference consolidated his position in my heart. We all love him, but he really is looking like an incredibly good QB on the field, and in fantasy. Next week he faces *drumroll please* the Steelers!! It’s going to be fun. Expect even more great numbers in week 3.



Wide Receivers

WR1 – Stefon Diggs (31.40 // Half PPR)

I don’t want to brag, but I told everyone that Stefon Diggs is gonna be the guy this year. I love Diggs, and so does every single other person who started him this week. I am starting him every single week – he is just so damn good. This weekend he happened to be the guy. Number 14 dominated against the Green Bay defense, putting in a WR1 performance consisting of 9 receptions off 13 targets, for 128 yards, and 2 Touchdowns, as well as one of the most beautiful 2-point conversions you will ever see, and a single rushing yard just for fun. What a performance.


WR2 – AJ Green (27.40 // Half PPR)

If you watched the game on Thursday night you definitely wouldn’t have expected anyone to outscore AJ Green, that is for sure. The Bengals receiver pulled in 3 Touchdowns on just 5 catches, for 69 yards. Green’s usage in the redzone was masterful, and he dominated. I would like to warn everyone to be careful though, don’t trade for him expecting these weeks. This was an exceptional game, but only 5 receptions suggests to me that you need to be careful, because a 60% TD rate is rare, and if he didn’t score those TD’s you’d be looking at under 10 points right now.


WR3 – Adam Thielen (25.10 // Half PPR)

Week 2 was a love letter to everyone who questioned Kirk Cousins (QB3 this week) and whether he could support two top tier receivers. Thielen attracted 13 targets, the same as Diggs, and turned them into an impressive 12 receptions for 131 yards, and a Touchdown which saved the Vikings, and set up the amazing 2-pt throw from Cousins. The fact that the two Vikings receivers were both in the top 3 is impressive, and based on how well they both played it is very possible that they can both prosper in this offense, for fantasy owners who may have been worried about them stealing work from each other.


Honourable Mention – Keelan Cole (21.10 // Half PPR)

I don’t need to say anything about Keelan Cole, just find the catch he made on YouTube and check that he isn’t on your waiver wire. Odell, eat your heart out.



Content by Kelsey Brace

Running Backs

This was the most bizarre week for backs I have ever seen. Commonly known for their rushing yards (believe it or not) the core principle of the running back is to rush… but the NFL teams seemed to take a break from this idea and decided to use their running backs as an extra wide receiver for whatever strange reason. The overall RB1 for this week? 42 rushing yards. RB2? 28 yards! Ridiculous.

RB1 – Todd Gurley | Rushing: 42 Yards, 3TDs Receiving: 3 Receptions for 31 Yards (30.8pts // Half PPR)

He’s great. What a valuable fantasy asset to have. The Rams are a legitimate super bowl contender and this is the guy that’s going to get them there.  This offence runs through Todd Gurley and he’s given the ball at almost every opportunity. He’s heavily involved in the passing game and gets all the goal line work – he’s game-script proof and is as reliable as you’re going to get as a running back. This guy is playing a different game to everyone else and if you’ve got him in your team just forget about it, he’s carrying you all year. Whilst a lot of Gurley’s points this year came from touchdowns, that’s what you get with him. Even in his down weeks in terms of yardage, he’s going to find a way to save it.


RB2 – Melvin Gordon | Rushing: 28 Yards, 1TD Receiving: 8 Receptions for 38 Yards, 2TDs (27.6pts // Half PPR)

Another one seemingly saved by his touchdowns. But that’s the upside you have when you’ve got a running back with usage in both the passing and rushing game on an above average offence. Melvin Gordon should have plenty of good weeks ahead of him. We’re not quite sure what happened with Gordon in the 4th quarter, as he left and didn’t return. It’s something to keep your eye on, but his head coach insists he is fine and it doesn’t seem to be something to genuinely worry about. As an every down back, he’s likely to get plenty of work every week and is worth his weight in gold. Stick with him all year.


RB3 – Matt Brieda | Rushing: 138 Rushing Yards, 1TD Receiving: 3 Receptions for 21 Yards (23.4pts Half PPR)

One of the few running backs that went against the bizarre trend and actually made yards on the ground. Off only 11 touches, Breida gained 138 yards with around half of that coming in 1 huge touchdown run. He’s currently in a murky situation sharing time with Morris in the San Fran backfield, but’s certainly my preferred option at the moment. We’ve seen that, despite a small number of touches, athletic receiving backs can still make an impact – Chris Thompson as a prime example – but the workload isn’t huge for Brieda so despite his big week, exercise caution until we can confirm the sort of player he will be. But he certainly looked good so is worth a spot on any team, but maybe don’t fling him into your line-ups after just one good week.


Special Mention – Saquon Barkley | Rushing: 28 Yards Receiving: 14 Receptions for 80 Yards (17.8pts Half PPR)

The lack of touchdown hurt Saquon here, but his usage is as phenomenal as we hoped. This guy is both an RB1 and a WR2 and the only way is up. That is a disgraceful O-line in Giants land – Manning had no time in the pocket and there was just no room for Barkley to make yards on the but he still turned in a decent score, clocking in at RB5 for the week. He’s a reliable start every week, especially in PPR formats were he might get close to double figure catches which is super valuable for any running back. If the offensive line in New York stays as bad is it is expect plenty of dump-offs and screens to Big Blue’s new guy.


Tight Ends

After last week’s fantasy Tight End wasteland, there were a few more respectable scores this week. The big names finished with a few decent scores and were performing as expected. Apart from Gronk who didn’t really get anything going against a vicious Jags D – most of the big names performed.

TE1 – Travis Kelce | 7 Receptions for 109yds, 2TDs (26.4 pts // Half PPR)

Fantastic name, fantastic player. This is why he was being drafted so early and its music to peoples ears that he seems to have such a connection with the NFL’s newest superstar Mahomes. Big bodied and versatile, Kelce should turn in plenty of good performances going forward. You were going to start him every week anyway,  you don’t need me to tell you. It seemed to be either a Tyreek Hill week, or a Travis Kelce week in Kansas last season, but with the offence performing at an even higher level this year I think there is room for both to perform right at their top of their positions in any given week.

TE2 – Jesse James | 5 Receptions for 138yds, 1 TD (22.3pts // Half PPR)

This is one of the biggest surprises of the week. This game turned into a bit of a shootout and the primary beneficiary for the steelers was surprisingly Jesse James, who turned in the best game of his career. This guy is seemingly always sneaking in to the end zone much to the frustration of Juju and AB owners, but he always seems to get it done. Is it time we started to take notice? I don’t think so – he’s certainly not someone I would be happy starting every week. But he’s going to attempt to keep this pace going against Tampa next week – if you were struggling for a TE stream, he might not be a bad option this week as this game could turn into the exact kind of shootout that James needs to turn in a good performance. But with so many mouths to feeds, I’d be surprised of James turns in any more weeks at anywhere near this level.

TE3 – OJ Howard | 3 Receptions for 96 Yards, 1TD (17.1pts // Half PPR)

Another name that was a bit of a surprise. Albeit less a surprise than James, as OJ has serious talent that could be unlocked at any moment. However, Fitz appears to prefer throwing absolute bombs to his receivers rather than his TEs. The majority of Howard’s yards came on a 75 yard catch and run which shows he’s not really getting the opportunity to perform that we should be comfortable with. But on such high-performing offence, can you really discount any of their weapons all together? He’s not a terrible streaming option next week against Pittsburgh – there’s a chance he could finish comfortably in the top 10, but there’s an equal chance he might not. Try and search for some other options, but if OJ ends up being your guy, this is another offence that are going to be fun to watch this season so slot him in.

Special Mention – Jimmy Graham | 6 Receptions for 95 Yards (12.5pts // Half PPR)

We all wanted to see it. Will Jimmy Graham and A-Rod find a connection that spurs Graham into the upper echelons of fantasy TEs? I genuinely believed before the season started, that if these two found a connection this year, then Graham was the only TE has a chance to challenge Gronk for the TE1 on the season. The connection appears to be there and this is exciting for Graham owners. TE7 on the week might appear slightly disappointing for some but a sneak touchdown propels Graham into the top 3 and the touchdowns are coming!

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