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It’s been three weeks since our last NFL power rankings, so who’s moving up and who’s moving down as we blast past week 8 and the halfway point of 2020?

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

How can I not put the only undefeated team in the league here? They are on an absolute tear. The defence is incredible and the offence just needs to find their form.

2. Seahawks – The offence is a complete menace, the Seahawks just need to improve the defence and they are a shoo-in for a Super Bowl trip.

3. Chiefs – The Chiefs offence has rolled the last two weeks and the defence is improving week-on-week. Mahomes has just had a huge game vs the Jets but he has a few more big ones coming.

4. Buccaneers – Perhaps the most balanced team in the league with a swarming defence under Todd Bowles and Brady is slinging it in his age-43 season.

5. Ravens – Two losses to the best two teams in the AFC shouldn’t scare you too far off the Ravens but they will struggle if they fall too far behind.

6. New Orleans Saints

This might be the most controversial pick but they’ve managed to keep the ship unright despite a ton of injuries and the defence is starting to gel a little.

7. Packers – Lost to the Vikings but still one of the top teams of the league, need the defence to step up more than they have so far!

8. Cardinals – Two shocking losses earlier in the year but they won a big won against Seattle and finally got Kenyan Drake involved. Kyler Murray is having a hell of a season too!

9. Bills – Josh Allen is making a lot of mistakes and the defence is not looking like the unit we thought they were going to be but they’ve looked good overall and that coaching staff can keep them plugging away.

10. Tennessee Titans

They lost in embarrassing fashion to the Cincinnati Bengals and don’t seem to be starting games well at all, I expect them to rebound but they need to fix themselves fast.

11. Colts – The Colts are an enigma, would they be better with Brissett? Is the defence a great unit? Will they make the playoffs and will it be worth it for them to be there? All questions I don’t think I can answer!

12. 49ers – They’ve had some shaky performances and keep pulling Garoppolo for his ‘ankle injury’ when he’s playing like crap. This team is lucky to be where they are but this is a tough division.

13. Raiders – Las Vegas is pretty good on offence and they showed everyone what they could be on defence against the Browns, however, I wouldn’t expect them to hold up like that again.

14. Bears – This offence has looked good at some points against lesser defences but they are pretenders and the sooner they lose more games the better. Starter Nick Foles is nowhere near Backup Foles level.

NFL power rankings week 8 browns

15. Cleveland Browns

And here we were thinking the Browns just beat up on bad teams! They failed to move the ball at all against the Raiders which isn’t a good sign but they still have looked good recently.

16. Dolphins – Miami are surprising a lot of people and while we didn’t see a lot out of Tua in his first start, we saw that the defence is coming to play, this team has a bright future under Flores.

17. Chargers – Herbert has looked amazing but the Chargers are the Chargers and they just can’t win games, will be interesting to see who the scapegoat is

18. Rams – Another team I don’t know what to make of, some weeks they look like they can hang with anyone and then this week they get blown out on all sides of the ball by the Dolphins.

19. Panthers – I thought that Carolina might push for a playoff spot but ultimately they will probably end up as .500 team which, quite frankly, is amazing in Rhule’s first year with this team.

20. Bengals – Joey Burrow might just turn this franchise around, if they fix his offensive line. He’s put some much needed juice in this offence and the defence needs to stop letting him down.

NFL power rankings week 8 broncos

21. Denver Broncos

They looked good against the Chargers this week but can this team put together a string of good games, we’ll have to find out. They could go places next season.

22. Lions – Matt Patricia is somehow going to save his job even though the Lions will end up at about 6-10. Stafford has looked good like he did last year and the offence as a whole isn’t bad.

23. Patriots – The Patriots have looked miserably bad since Newton went out with COVID and he’s been pretty bad since he came back, Belichick has never seen this level of bad play in his tenure.

24. Falcons – The Falcons have some nice pieces and I was shocked they managed to win against the Panthers but this team still has a long season of losses ahead.

25. Vikings – They somehow dominated the Packers this week and Dalvin Cook came back hot from his injury, they are still in the dumpster though and look to be counting this season as gone.

nfl week 8 power rankings wentz eagles

26. Philadelphia Eagles

Rounding out the last of the NFC Least! The Eagles might get healthy as they sneak into the playoffs as the weakest looking team but right now they don’t look good at all.

27. Texans – The Texans have looked better without BoB but they are bereft of talent on defence and the offence is a shell of itself without Hopkins.

28. Washington – The QB situation is still up in the air in DC but they have a good D-line to build around, maybe they somehow get Trevor Lawrence this spring.

29. Giants – I don’t really know what to make of this franchise but New York/Jersey really has two awful teams don’t they, probably lucky they aren’t allowed fans in the stands.

30. Jaguars – The Jags are all out of sorts and Minshew is being threatened with a benching he doesn’t deserve, can anyone save this franchise?

31. Cowboys – You could argue a number of teams here but their defence is by far the worst in the league and now their offence might be too.

NFL power rankings week 8 jets

32. New York Jets

The Jets franchise will die in this position.

Give your thoughts on our Week 8 2020 power rankings and stay tuned for more NFL with Gridiron Hub!

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