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NFL Week 10 saw a number of surprising outcomes and, therefore, there are more overreactions to bash on the head and more to revisit from early in the season!

Hopkins NFL week 10 overreactions
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Hopkins is the Best WR in the League?

There is plenty of competition for this one, but through 10 weeks it is hard to argue against DeAndre Hopkins being the best at his position. His incredible Hail Mary catch above three defenders at the weekend is almost enough to declare him #1 on its own. If you haven’t seen that catch yet, go watch it! Just incredible. It really is hard to believe that the Texans traded him away and got so little in return. He has 861 yards through nine games, only trailing Stefon Diggs who has played a game more. Quite simply, he is a reliable target who has the ability to change a game all on his own.

The only player who has really come close to Hopkins this year is Davante Adams. If the Green Bay receiver hadn’t have been injured near the start of the season he might well be on track for a record-breaking year. He has nine touchdowns in only seven games, compared to Hopkins four touchdowns in nine games. Also, Adams’ 105 yards per game are 10 more than the Cardinals wide receiver. Before the season many could have argued for Michael Thomas as the best in the league, but it is really a two-horse race at the moment. Let’s hope the Cardinals and Packers meet in the playoffs so that we can see these two star players face-off.

Comeback Kings

This really has been a season for comebacks. The Bills blew a 14 point lead against the Cardinals (partly due to the game-winning Hail Murray). This is the 11th time a team has overcome a 14 point deficit or greater this season! I thought the lack of a crowd would have a hindrance on the number of momentum shifts in a game, but apparently not. It appears that offence is beating defence this year, so that is definitely contributing to the number of lead changes.

Cast your mind back to when the Browns almost blew a 27 point lead against the Cowboys in week 4. Better still, think about how the Detroit Lions nearly surrendered a 21 point lead to the Washington Football Team this past Sunday. There could have been plenty more comebacks so far this year. Records could be broken, so keep an eye out for more come-from-behind victories down the stretch.

What is Happening in Seattle?

From a dominant 6-0 start to their miserable current 0-3 run. What is going wrong with the Seattle Seahawks? To put it plainly, early in the season their offence was making spectacular plays on a weekly basis to pull their defence out of a hole. Unbelievably, the former Legion of Boom is one of the worst defences in the NFL. A fully fit running game, combined with Wilson’s MVP form out of the gate, were enough to win early. The issue now is that the offence is missing Chris Carson, and Wilson isn’t currently playing his best football.

Wilson needs to be flawless for the Seahawks to win, and recently he has been far from perfect. Through the first five games of the season, the Seattle QB had 19 touchdowns and only three interceptions. Over the last four games, he has nine touchdowns and seven interceptions. On top of that, he seems to be struggling to evade pressure, as teams have begun to attack a weak Seahawks O-line. The signs are not good for Seattle at the moment, but they are still hard to rule out. Keep an eye on the Thursday Night Football clash between the Cardinals and the Seahawks as this could play a massive part in how both teams end the season.

Overreactions Revisited

Ravens nfl week 10 overreactions
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Ravens Blow It In Primetime Again (Week 3)

When the Ravens lost at home against the Chiefs under the lights in week 3, I suggested that Baltimore couldn’t get it done in prime time. Last Sunday night lightning struck again as they fell 23-17 to the New England Patriots. This is the first time that they have failed to score 20 points in their last 32 games. Every aspect of their game looked worse, with the defence struggling to impose themselves on an offence that has struggled so far this year, while their offence seemed void of ideas more often than not. These prime time losses are a bad omen for a team that is yet to win a playoff game. They will need to improve on this if they are going to have any hope of reaching the Super Bowl while their Championship window remains opens.

Kyler Murray in MVP Race (Week 2)

I made the bold claim in week 2 that Murray was primed for an MVP season. The early signs didn’t look good, however, as he struggled with ball security and passing yardage early in the season. Since then he has been fantastic. The Cardinals are 6-3 and playing some of the most exciting football in the league. Murray’s ability to scramble away from pressure and create extraordinary plays out of nothing is so rare in this league. A better pure passer than Lamar Jackson, and a better runner than Patrick Mahomes, Kyler deserves to throw his hat in the ring for MVP.

Aaron Rodgers could be his biggest contender as the veteran has rolled back the years through the first 10 weeks. Murray’s play will also be compared to Jackson’s MVP season of 2019. The Cardinals QB has already thrown more interceptions than Jackson did in 2019 (eight interceptions to six). But he is on course to have more passing yards than Lamar did a year ago, and he already has more rushing touchdowns with an incredible 10 TDs through nine games compared to Jackson’s seven through 15 games last season. Let’s stop the comparisons though and just enjoy what Kyler Murray is doing this year. If the Cardinals continue their current form and manage to win the competitive NFC West, Kyler will definitely be in the MVP conversation.

No Home Field Advantage in 2020 (Week 1)

I suggested in week 1 that the lack of fans might just make it easier for road teams to come away with wins. And wouldn’t you know, the NFL hasn’t disappointed. In 2019, home teams won nearly 57% of the time. This past week was an anomaly with 11 home teams emerging victorious, and even then, home sides are winning fewer than 52% of games. In fact, going into week 10, that percentage was way down at 49%. The fact of the matter is that where the games are being played is having little effect on the outcome. More so than ever this year it is the quality of the team that decides the outcome.

NFL Week 10 overreactions came in hot and thick! What did you think of last Sunday?

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