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Project Scotland is launched!

We love Hail Mary Hits and why wouldn’t we? They’ve opened our eyes to the world of Community Raffles and already spent thousands of pounds developing the wonderful sport of American Football in the UK all while providing fantastic NFL merchandise to the lucky raffle winners.

These angels of the game are set to start 2019 with the biggest of bangs as they launch ‘Project Scotland’

Hail Mary Hits will be spending the next 3 months building up their Community Fund and will distribute it to teams exclusively in Scotland. Marc Holden, who runs Hail Mary Hits, said that he expects to raise at least £5,000 during this period.

Regarding the distribution of these funds, Marc has said:

Although its not set in stone, we think that our primary focus should be more weighted to supporting the Youth aspect of the game.

For the long term, supporting grass roots initiatives such as introducing flag football into primary schools, paying for potential coaches to take their BAFA Level 1 Coaching Courses, and paying for equipment to U17 and U19 teams seems like the best way to focus our efforts.

Marc Holden, Hail Mary Hits

Marc went on to stress that this can change as he and the rest of the Hail Mary Hits team approach this new venture with open minds and a flexible outlook.

The great news is that it doesn’t stop in Scotland, Hail Mary Hits are planning to rotate around the different regions of the UK to support clubs up and down the country

Marc explained that the hope is by raising the funds this way, they will get better engagement/support from the various regions across Britball.

We here at Gridiron Hub are extrmely excited and proud to be associated to this fantastic organisation and we cannot wait to get our own raffles and funding initiatives going!

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