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We listed the quarterbacks we think will be standing in line at the jobcentre in the NFL 2021 offseason, ousted for a number of different reasons!

We are in week 10 of the NFL season. Where has it gone!

Many teams are either setting their sights on playoff football or on next year’s draft selections, so we decided to take a look at some starting quarterbacks that could be out of a job after this season. We have seen some seriously shocking quarterback play this season so far and most of those on teams that don’t have winning records.

So who do we think is most at risk of being binned?

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Nick Foles/Mitch Trubisky

Personally, I think Nagy needs to take the blame here and be binned however that’s unlikely to happen. Mitchell Trubisky was 3-0 when he was benched, and although he wasn’t exactly playing well this is still a really weird time to bench a quarterback when you’re undefeated. He has been distinctly underwhelming since being drafted especially when you consider Watson and Mahomes were taken after him…yikes. Then Nick Foles after being given a large sum of money comes in and wins a couple of games in the 4th quarter before looking terrible in the next three games. Either way, the Bears will likely look to a new quarterback for next year unless Nagy is relieved of his duties.

Jimmy Garoppolo

I said before the season that Jimmy G was the weak link in the 49ers and received an unbelievable amount of abuse from their fans. We are now in week 10 and he has seriously struggled this season with the exception of one game. He is now injured and likely out for a number of weeks but with the large contract no longer looming over the 49ers, two bad injuries in three years and the lack of good quarterback play I think now is the perfect time to move on. They have all the pieces all over the rest of the field and they should sell out for a proven veteran or trade up to take one of the top two quarterbacks in the draft.

Gardner Minshew

Now I think Minshew loses his starting job in the offseason, however, the Jaguars may keep him around as a backup. He has had some success but this season has really struggled to get anything going at all after knocking off the Colts week one. The biggest thing in his favour is the terrible surrounding cast he has in the Jags offence; outside of running back James Robinson, there is very little to excite anyone.


Sam Darnold

Again I think Gase will go well before Darnold, however, if a new coach comes in, the Jets go 0-16 and get the shot at Trevor Lawrence I’m not sure Darnold has shown enough to remain as the starting quarterback. On his rookie deal, he is worth keeping around but may be worth more as a trade piece to start filling the numerous holes on the roster.

Daniel Jones

This is by far the least likely in my opinion however there is one stat that does not go in Daniel Jones favour. He has won 5 games a starter, 4 against the Washington Football Team and then he is 1-17 versus everyone else in his career. The Giants have been competitive in every game this season and Daniel Jones has shown some flashes of quality but also some dodgy moments that may have cost his team games. One to watch.

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