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DeSean Jackson Against All Odds

DeSean Jackson has just released a new album titled Against All Odds, a fitting title as against all the odds I actually managed to listen to the album the whole way through.

We don’t get paid here at Gridiron Hub for the content that we create but after this, I might be hitting Steve up for a check for the emotional turmoil this has put me through.

The album/mixtape that nobody asked for comes in with 11 songs because Jackson wears 11 on the field. This shows a great level of subtlety that is completely lacking from any of his music.  The generic trap album has to go down as one of the worst ever released by an athlete beating out Kobe by a mile.

The heavily autotuned lyrics over pretty generic beats really isn’t worth your time much like the Eagles this year. Desean spends most of the album bragging about all the money he made and how far he has made it whilst still staying loyal to the game. Again pretty generic stuff that you can find anywhere on Soundcloud.

He has been able to get one good feature with Plies and somehow he has roped in Snoop Dogg as well on the song on the forgettable song “High Come Down”, Snoop phones it in more than he did for the Just Eat advert.

Mercifully you can get through this album in under 40 minutes, but you really shouldn’t waste your time.

Cole Beasley has a couple of albums out that aren’t terrible so maybe give him a listen instead or if you insist on listening to athlete rap give Dame Lilliard a listen since he is actually skilled.  

Overall, just like DeSean, the listener will be unable to get through the complete Against All Odds album before bailing out!

If you truly hate your ears, you can listen to the DeSean Jackson and his Against All Odds album below:

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