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With week 10 over we are now moving ever closer to the end of the football season (sad reacts only).

We also now know that we are not going to have a Pro Bowl game this year (F’s in the comments please). So instead let’s have the Armchair QB’s All-Star team, this will be similar to the All-Pro teams. This week we will start with the offence, we are going with three wide receivers, one tight end and one RB for this. If you think we have snubbed anyone, give us your nominations in the comments below:

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QB – Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs)

Two weeks ago I think this would have been a closer call, you could have picked out of Mahomes, Wilson and Rodgers. However, I think Wilson has had a couple of bad weeks and Rodgers has been good, not great. Mahomes however, has just been Mahomes and maybe we are just getting so used to his greatness that we are not fully appreciating it at the moment. He has thrown only one interception so far this season and 25 TD’s, with so many teams this year flawed in some way it really is hard to find fault with the Chiefs, the one game they lost required the Raiders to play absolutely perfect in all three phases. It really is hard to look past Mahomes and the Chiefs winning another Super Bowl at the end of the year.

RB-  Josh Jacobs (Las Vegas Raiders)

This is a tough one. Dalvin Cook has been outstanding recently, Derrick Henry leads the league in rushing once again and although he has not been as explosive, he has certainly been consistent. But for me, the best running back this year has been Josh Jacobs. Without him, that Raiders offence is not the same, his numbers are not as spectacular as the other two but I think we see him heat up as the season goes on and I have been impressed with what I have seen so far from him this year.

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WR 1 – DeAndre Hopkins (Arizona Cardinals)

He is the best wide receiver in the league before the spectacular catch at the weekend and his move to the desert has done nothing to dissuade me from this opinion. He has helped elevate Murray’s play significantly by giving him a reliable target. His catch rate remains terrific as he has had one drop this year so far. He has generated 42 first downs with his 861 yards. Along with Kyler’s development, Hopkins is probably one of the biggest reasons that the Cardinals now find themselves in the playoff hunt this year, the trade from this year may have cost Bill O’Brien his job but it has definitely saved Steve Keim’s.

WR 2 – Stefon Diggs (Buffalo Bills)

Another offseason trade that is paying dividends for both the receiver and his new QB. Diggs is finally free from check down Kirk Cousins and is flourishing playing with someone who is not afraid to throw the ball over five yards. Diggs leads the league in yards after 10 weeks with 906 yards and four touchdowns.

WR 3 – Devante Adams (Green Bay Packers)

This was a hard one I think you can make the case for DK Metcalf here as well and it would be hard to disagree. However for me, Adams is a more complete receiver than DK, he can run more routes and in my opinion, his job in Green Bay is much Harder that DK’s in Seattle. DK has Lockett who can help take some of the pressure away from him, with Adams I do not think anyone is overly concerned with the other receivers on the roster.  Adams currently leads the league in receiving TD’s with nine, having only played in 7 games and averages over 105 yards per game.

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TE – Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs)

This one is not really close. Kelce can do everything, he is great in the run game and the passing game, he is essentially a better version of Gronk as much as that will annoy some Patriots fans.  According to the PFF grading system, Kelce ranks as one of the best run-blocking Tight Ends. His contributions in the passing game are already well known and this season he has continued in his fine form with 769 yards and six TDs after 9 games.

Right Tackle – Justin Murray (Arizona Cardinals)

He has been fantastic in the passing game and has not allowed any pressures, hits or sacks in all of his 266 snaps at right guard for the Cardinals and is a big reason for the Cardinals success. The fact that he has been able to do this with a QB who moves around in the pocket as much as Murray does really speak to how well he has played so far this year.

Right Guard – Michael Onwenu (New England Patriots)

Graded as the third-best guard so far this season by PFF, Onwenu has played well for the Patriots who have had to depend on the line more than ever in this Frankenstein’s monster offence. The run game has become much more important to the Patriots this year and he has been a big part in the success that Cam Newton and Harris have found with it. He has only given up one penalty so far this year and the 6th round pick looks like a success from this year’s draft class.

Pic credit: Bleacher Report

Centre – Brandon Linder (Jacksonville Jaguars)

He has only played 7 games so far this season but he has been excellent in all of them. No sacks and no hits given up, the best pass blocking grade on PFF for centres and the 6th highest for run blocking he brings balance to the position and it also means we get a Jaguars player on our All-Star team!

Left Guard – Joel Bitonio – ( Cleveland Browns)

Why is the Cleveland run game so good this year? This man is a big reason why. He has also been excellent in the passing game. I think Stefanski has done an excellent job of building an offence that hides Baker’s weaknesses and leans more on the team’s strengths which is the one-two punch of Chubb and Hunt. The future is looking less dim in Cleveland.

Left Tackle – Andrew Whitworth ( LA Rams)

Unfortunately, the old man got hurt this week, but this is not a place given out of sympathy, he has been outstanding this year as he has been every other year that he has played. Zero sacks allowed this year and the only thing that he does not have an answer for is father time. His longevity is brilliant and so he takes a well-deserved spot on our midyear All-Stars team.

Agree or disagree let us know in the comments below! Also be sure to check out the Armchair QB’s podcast every Thursday and Friday, available on Apple and Spotify.

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