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Adam Wilkin talks about his ideal world and his list of wants when it comes to Britball, whether you agree or not, let us know your thoughts!

Make Britball better with Adam Wilkins


So, I’m writing this after the other night, helping out with a show on Gridiron Hub, some of the topics we discussed has led me to want to write down my ideal situation for Britball and before you go any further into this, I’m giving you this warning…you are more than likely going to get annoyed!

Let’s start with the cream at the top, the Prem. In my opinion, the Prem should be an elite division and I would love to think they could pay players, even though we are a long way from that, we could even start by maybe just paying British players and one or two overseas players. This way it gives local players the chance to work their way to being full time. Now for the part that people ain’t going to be happy about…I think it should be one division where the top four make the playoffs. It’d be 1v4 and 2v3, then the final and I think the team that comes last should have to play the team that wins Division one to stay in the prem. Now to give this all a bit of balance I would like to bring in a 55 max game day roster as I think this will help to spread talent and make players really earn their position.

Next up, Division one football, for me, should be the national league. Split up into area divisions like we already have but let’s try to cut down on the travel aspect a little i.e. let’s not have Aberdeen going to Yorkshire for a league game on a Sunday when people have work early on Monday. In this division, you should only allow paid UK players, playoffs would be the conference winners playing each other but let’s not make it a seeding format and we could do it via travel distance (How do we find out who plays at home? Flip a coin, split the expense, go off points conceded, I ain’t even got that far into the wormhole yet!) then we can have a big final event at a nice stadium. Then a few weeks later we go again to see if the winner can make it to the Prem (highly marketable…hopefully) I also would like to keep the game-day roster at 55 just for that competition element.

Now we move onto Division two, so if you tuned in last night you would have heard me say I think Division two should be 9v9 and play local games only. I really do stand by this and I also think no promotion should be a real thing, but this would be down to the clubs and if they start getting players turning up then want to make the jump up to 11v11. We just need to make the checkboxes so clear that teams will have a very solid base in place so that they can finish the season and hopefully progress and want to start “competing” for a championship. Every season I’d love to have a progress plan in place so that teams could evaluate themselves and apply for Division one or two depending on the needs of the team. I had a few people comment yesterday asking why dropping the tackles will make more local teams sprout up when they are only losing two players on the pitch but I feel like most teams struggle to get linemen and I also think with the roster caps in the other divisions, that this would allow for more teams as some people want to play this sport just for fun, as it turns out.

Youth and Jr football is next up and, for me, the main things about this level I would keep the same. However, one thing I would like to bring in would be for coaches to have first aid and child protection certificates, just like what the FA does, but as for the formats, I would keep the same at what I’m going to call “local or team” level.

Team GB is next up, now when I talk about this I’m talking about every level, from youth all the way up to adult. The first big one for me is that coaches of the national program should be able to give feedback to local coaches of players in regards to what they are looking for or even on how to develop the players they have sent to tryouts etc. to get better, fitter or stronger. After all, the local coaches see the players week in week out.

Next up, I’m going to take another little swing at something I would love that some of you may like also, I would love us to bring in a regional team system like what the women’s teams have. This would give everyone a shot at not only impressing some GB coaches and making the national team but also gives some D2, youth and Jr players a chance at some 11v11 football before stepping up. I really think having this system in place would get teams pulling in the same direction of the national team and hopefully would help Britball move forward.

Now just because these are what I think would make Britball better and help us all, is not saying you can’t change my mind, so leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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